About Us

Ramezware is a gaming studio based in Malaga, Spain, with a network of artists and developers supporting us from all over Spain and Europe.

Our philosophy is simple: building games that bring people together. We want the players to experience joy and connection when engaging with our titles.

We are incredibly proud to be able to say that
75% of our game development has been based in Spain, with the remaining 25% in the rest Europe. Our minis are produced using non-toxic, robust, and highest-quality plastic made possible thanks to the cutting edge SiOCAST technology invented in Spain.

BEHSAAD RAMEZ, Game Designer
Behsaad has been making games since forever. He created his first as a 12-year-old: a level made with RPG Maker; at 14 he released Space Trash, a shooter inspired by Space Invaders. During his time at Freie Universitat Berlin he developed Mechs and Tanks, a multi-platform RTS game. After leading the development of Dinostorm at Splitscreen he took a break from the industry. With Boardquest he wants to bring his experience as a video game designer and keen (but casual) player to the world of tabletop. Behsaad’s all time favorite game designer and inspiration is Shigeru Miyamoto.

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Iwona Rajca, Game PRODUCER
Iwona manages all production aspects of the game, from getting the initial ideas from paper to a design document, to manufacturing the games and getting them into the players' hands. With over 10 years of Product Management and Solution Engineering experience, she makes sure that things get done – and on time. Iwona's favorite game designer is Behsaad, with Peter Molyneux at #2.

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Game Designer: Behsaad Ramez
: Iwona Rajca
Lead Developer
: Jannik
: Julio Quiroz
: Victor Schupolev
Art Direction & Design
: bRIDA Studio
3D Modelling: Francisco Javier Garcia Ponce, Juegorama, Pedro Gutierrez Garcia/Yedharo Models
Print: Fabryka Kart
Minis Production:
Alemany Miniatures
Zatu Games, Surfin Meeples, Quartermaster Logistics
Special Thanks: Kai for the hundreds of game plays we did together and giving Behsaad a run for his money. Phil for his unfaltering support from day 1. Danny, Alex, Oscar, Irina, Lara, Fran and every single person that gave their time for play testing with us. All our Partners and Contributors for always going above and beyond.