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Lead Orcs, Humans, Elves, or Demons in their quest to rule over Liria in this epic high-fantasy strategy RPG for 1-4 players.

Available as a board & video game. Preorders are now open on Backerkit!

Welcome to Liria, Commander

Story of Liria

Boardquest: Tales of Liria tells a story of a terrible misunderstanding, in which nobody is simply good or evil. For hundreds of years the inhabitants of the realm engage in petty squabbles over the borderlands, unable to reconcile for very long. It is only when a new enemy dawns on Liria, that Humans, Orcs, and Elves commit to – temporarily – burying the hatchet.

That enemy is the demon horde. When a magical portal to the demon dimension is erected (and then hastily sealed), it is they, along with some terrifying monsters that make it through the passage. Rejected by the residents, they seize as much land as they can in order to survive.

Humans, Elves, and Orcs form an unlikely alliance to fight the invaders.

How to Play

Boardquest is a turn-based strategy with RPG elements for 1-4 players. It's a love letter to epic tabletop RPGs such as Dungeons & Dragons and Das Schwarze Auge. In the game the players lead their chosen faction towards taking control over the map: the winner either defeats all enemy heroes or conquers the required number of forts.

As a player you will utilize common and rare weapons, leverage your character's unique abilities and spells, and recruit specialized units to join your army. As the the game progresses your hero will become more powerful and master more advanced abilities. The land of Liria is infested by monsters, some rather unsophisticated and some highly complex, dropping XP points, gold, and loot when defeated. The players will face the creatures and level-up as they prepare for the final face-off with their contestants to Liria's throne...

Excited to learn more? Make sure to check out the Rulebook and the Storybook – or play the demo on Steam! Boardquest is also available on Tabletop Simulator as a Freeplay TTS Mod and Scripted PVP Mod. The Freeplay Mod is ideal for checking out the game components. Supports all game modes (from 1 to 4 players). The Scri[ted TTS mode dedicated for 1 vs 1 player. Includes automated events for providing a streamlined TTS experience.

We wanted to build a game that is easy to enjoy for hardcore fans of the genre and newcomers alike; a game that can be set up within minutes and played over and over and over again.

Command Powerful Factions

You play as a commander of one of 4 factions: Humans, Elves, Demons, and Orcs. The factions differ in their special abilities and gameplay. Every faction has an all-rounder choice of units: warriors, archers, and healers. The units are available at Levels 1-3, and can be recruited and upgraded in exchange for gold.

Wield Masterful Weapons

In the game you will make use of powerful items: melee weapons like swords and axes; ranged weapons like bows and whips; shields; magical rings and amulets; consumables, such as potions. Items will boost your unit stats or give you a special ability (such as immunity to status effects, extra gold per turn, a healing bonus).

Use Ancestral Magic

The skill cards are an important battle aid and follow the style of play of each faction. The skill cards are exclusive to your hero: as your character levels up, you may use more powerful cards.

Gregor’s motivates his army towards attack; Daria uses her skills to support and protect her people; Bilar leverages his shamanic knowledge to tend to the wounds of his clan and enhance the damage dealt; finally Raegar applies demonic magic to manipulate life and death points of friendly and enemy units alike. 

Defeat Nasty Monsters

Each monster has a unique set of strengths: some are great at dealing damage, some are skilled at defense (making them hardto hit); some cause status effects on their foe, such as recurring burn; some –those especially vicious – might even attack twice per turn.

Video Game

Simultaneously with the board game, we are releasing a Boardquest: Tales of Liria video game for Mac OS and Windows PCs! The game will include everything you know and love from its physical version, and more: 

local and online multiplayer
single player mode (vs AI)
– tutorial
rank ladder 

The videogame will be available in the following languages: English, Spanish, German and Polish!

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